Gas Quality

Gas quality is preeminent in all of Diversified's Mud Logging and Surface Measurement While Drilling services.  We understand the value of formation gas as an important source of ‘first-look’ formation and reservoir evaluation.

DWL has introduced a quality control process so that our clients can be assured that they are receiving reliable gas data.  This daily process begins at the rigsite, passes a review at the regional level, and ends with a final verification by a DWL Data Quality Specialist.


At the rigsite, our mud loggers/field geologists are responsible for verifying that all of the gas extraction and measurement equipment is fully operational.  Any problems with equipment will receive the attention of the regional service department who are on call 24/7.

The gas data itself is essentially checked three times for each operational well on a daily basis.  Gas, lithology and certain drilling parameter data is ported into a QA/QC spreadsheet application where the Data Quality Specialist uses a combination of industry standard, and proprietary ratios and curves to pick out anomalies - if they exist.



For DWL Quality Controlled equals Quality Assured