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Your Professional Future Starts Here

New to the Energy Industry?

New to the world of energy? Diversified Well Logging hires geologists, geochemists, geotechnicians, drilling engineers, electrical engineers, and computer scientists to provide clients with the excellence they demand, meaning you will have a flexible growth trajectory with a career at Diversified. Learn the ins and outs of, and eventually play an integral role in any one of our services we offer clients:

  • Mud Logging and Operations Monitoring
  • Field Geochemistry (XRF)
  • Geosteering — Geopositioning
  • Laboratory Geochemistry — XRF, XRD, LIBS
  • Remote Wellbore Surveillance
  • Wellsite Geology
  • Chemostratigraphy
  • Formation Pressure
  • Drilling Optimization


Recent or Soon-To-Be Graduates

Are you a recent graduate, or about to graduate? Diversified wants to hear from you! We are eager to unlock the potential of the industry's newest generation, and welcome all OPT students to apply to join our innovative team. We can provide the foundations of a solid career in energy in several key fields, including laboratory work, realtime monitoring, automation, energy fieldwork, and more.

Diversified currently offers the following courses:

  • Mudlogging Basic
  • Mudlogging Advanced
  • Pore Pressure & Geomechanics
  • Wellsite & Operations Geology
  • Principles of Chemostratigraphy
  • Applied Chemostratigraphy
  • XRD, XRD & CST Training


Your Path to a
Career in Energy

For those seeking to gain new skills and grow their careers in energy, Diversified has a clearly-defined path for career progression. From onboarding, to mudlogging, then to geosteering, XRF, pore pressure evaluation and more, Diversified provides an effective way to advance in the field of energy.

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Keeping on TASK

As a Diversified trainee, you will be routinely "keeping on TASK" in order to continuously grow your skills and more quickly become acquainted with your new company, and your position within it. TASK consists of Training, Assessment, Skill Qualifications, and Knowledge Building, and combined, each of these facets will put you on the fast track to early career success and ultimately, a rewarding career in energy.


  • Online QHSE training
  • Online technical training
  • Field learning programs
  • Work instruction
Skill Qualification
  • For job classification
  • For new/special technology
  • Job-level assessments
  • Skill demonstration
  • Knowledge demonstration
Knowledge Building
  • Ongoing training
  • Work experience


  • Introduction to Diversified Well Logging
  • Industry QHSE programs

Mudlogger I

Mudlogger II

Mudlogger III

XRF Operation
Pore Pressure Evaluation
Wellsite & Operations Geology