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Our goal is to help you maximize your economics,
and our future is in the advancement of the energy industry.

Our Core Values

Decades of Experience

Serving our clients and
delivering excellence since 1952

Diversified Well Logging, LLC., began its operations in the Gulf of Mexico — offshore Louisiana — and expanded by moving into land-based operations as the unconventional boom began to take off.

Since its foundation, Diversified has always been proud to be a part of the dynamic energy industry, and has always strived to be a step ahead of the challenges and changes the industry has gone through. The drive for innovation and improved efficiency continues today, with Diversified making huge strides in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and more, all in the pursuit of better economics for our clients and breakthroughs in the energy sector.

Diversified Well Logging today

Diversified continues to create and provide innovative services to drive capital efficiency across the energy sector.

At the peak of our activity between 2014 to 2016, we were running over 100 jobs, 7 of which in deepwater, and we have since begun an industry revolution with automation and robotics-driven sample catching technology.

A brief history of Diversified

2023— Diversified commercializes its RoboLogger™ EZ sample collection on demand.

2022— Diversified obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

2022— Diversified RoboLogger™ LIBS graduated at Shell GameChanger program.

2018— Diversified introduces SMWD™.

2017— Diversified introduces automation and robotics with sample catching technology.

2016— At the peak of activity between 2014 to 2016, Diversified was running over 100 jobs, 7 in deepwater.

2011— Diversified begins its expansion into unconventional onshore and the first geosteering jobs are run.

2008— Diversified logs the hottest and deepest well yet drilled in the Gulf of Mexico at 32,997 feet.

1952— Diversified began its operations in the Gulf of Mexico — offshore Louisiana.

Furthering Innovation

Our Solutions

With the aim of bringing greater value to our customers, Diversified has evolved its classic mud logging and geosteering services to use quantitative elemental data and AI based software to actually improve drilling and completions efficiency in realtime.

Add wellbore surveillance and Diversified gives you the assurance of surface data and interpretations that match those of downhole methods at a price that works for every well drilled, and we monitor drilling conditions to keep the well on track by reducing non-productive time and potentially hazardous incidents.

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Diversified Careers

Ready to grow in the energy field?

Diversified hires technicians, engineers, scientists, and more that deliver excellence and improve our clients' economics. For those who are recent graduates or new to the field of energy, Diversified also has a clearly-defined path for career progression. From onboarding, to mudlogging, then to geosteering, XRF, pore pressure evaluation and more, Diversified provides an effective way to advance in the field of energy. If you're ready to join a new, innovative team and advance your energy career, we'd love to hear from you.

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A World-Spanning Footprint

Delivering excellence to clients
across the nation and the world.

In the past decade, our reach has expanded to more places around the Americas and Middle East than ever before. With this reach, Diversified now serves more wells and rigs in more countries, drills more footage per day, and delivers more excellence than at any point in our company's history. We are proud of what we've managed to accomplish in the energy industry thus far, and look forward to continued growth and operational success for many more decades to come.


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A Global Outlook

Delivering cleaner, more affordable
energy that powers an ever-growing world.

At Diversified, we are in the business of energy, and we believe that where there is affordable, abundant energy, people are healthier, have access to better education, and are given greater opportunities to elevate their families to higher standards of living.

Today, nearly 3,000,000,000 people — roughly one-third of the global population — live without electricity or without clean cooking facilities. We are committed to providing energy in innovative and more sustainable ways to help raise the standard of living for those living in energy poverty and to meet the ongoing demands of people and economies around the world. The products we deliver help power increasingly cleaner electricity across the globe, fuel tractors and trucks, make fertilizer to keep the world's food supply on the table, and heat our schools, hospitals and businesses.

Our Leadership

The Diversified Team

With decades of industry experience each, the team behind Diversified Well Logging is one of the most seasoned and proven in the energy industry. From sales to management to development to research, we here at Diversified know what makes this industry tick, and how we can do our part to improve it.

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