With Surface Measurement While Drilling™️ the full potential of drilled cuttings is realized. Data is always quantitative eliminating uncertainty, and all realtime data can be used by our A.I. and machine learning software to enhance drilling efficiency, completion optimization with production forecasting and simulation. The data gathered is instantly valuable in itself; what the data can add to well spacing, completion strategies and long-term field production is invaluable.

Realtime Deliverables

  • Realtime modelled mineralogical and lithological logs including formation gas, drilling parameters, downhole gamma ray and elemental gamma ray. Cuttings images and descriptions may also be added.
  • Excel or ASCII files of all elemental data - major and trace elements - including the regular quality checks performed by our field geologists.
  • Ongoing elemental analysis and chemostratigraphy to increase geologic certainty. In addition there is TOC, matrix density, brittleness modelling.
  • All data is delivered to our geosteering team for Elemental Steering services, with constant communication between the client, our chemostratigraphic analysts and the geosteering team.

While drilling, elemental data may also be used with our A.I. software solutions to enhance drilling efficiency. This same data can also help completion design and production forecasting. HML delivers value.

Value Added

SMWD™️ is valuable for the geological knowledge it economically delivers at a cost that downhole tools and cores cannot hope to match. But there is more:

  • Cost of trip saved when MWD-GR failed. Operations continued by using the elemental GR
  • Drilling cost saved when elements showed a fault had moved the target formation out of range
  • Extra reservoir footage opened when elements successfully allowed repositioning after a fault
  • Microseismic logging program suspended thanks to quality of comparable elemental and A.I. processed data