Core Values


It’s our goal to provide superior rock and gas measurements through automation and analytical services that maximize our customers’ economics while minimizing risk to people and the environment.


Be the number one provider of onsite realtime measurements of rocks and gas through automation and measurement, and improve customer economics through evaluation and interpretation.


Our purpose is to help our customers improve the economics of their business. We are passionate about maximizing the use and value of drill cuttings, mud gas, and drilling data. We do more with less; we are innovative and forward thinking.

Core Values

Focus on the Customer

We seek to exceed customer expectations by providing solutions that improve their drilling, completions, and production economics.


We believe in doing the right thing and conducting our business with honor, transparency and professionalism.

Risk Reduction

The cornerstones of risk reduction are safety, quality, and learning: a safe work- space that is free from accidents, drugs, and alcohol; being process-focused and executing it right the first time, every time; organizational learning by updating process and communicating incidents company-wide.


We know that our industry is always changing, we embrace those changes and technologies even when they don’t come from within.


We strive for profitability at every level, by project, by area, and for the company this produces financial rewards for our employees and shareholders. Profitability provides the freedom to innovate for the benefit of our customers.