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The RoboLogger™ is the industry’s only fully automated sample collection and elemental analysis device.

It is designed to collect and store up to 350 samples (25 grams to 30 grams) at a maximum rate of 2 minutes per sample. The RoboLogger™ depth-stamps each sample with a barcode and can take white-light images prior to wrapping or storing. Each sample can be viewed remotely.

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Surface Measurement While Drilling™️

Surface Measurement While Drilling™️, or SMWD™️, makes the full potential of cuttings available.

Geological uncertainty within the well or across a field is reduced with the delivery of quantitative elemental data in realtime. Our XRF field specialists assure data quality with rigorous laboratory standard checks and sample depth verification. All realtime data may be used by our artificial intelligence software to enhance drilling efficiency, improve geosteering, and completion optimization.

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Diversified has steered over 16 Million feet of hole over the past 10 years using traditional GR curves to guide us. Building on this expertise, we now utilize unique Python scripting incorporating elemental data from cuttings to steer wells with greater confidence, stay in-zone, and avoid hazards. Additionally, our chemostratigraphers utilize binaries to better define stratigraphic packages and formation tops.

Elements also mitigate the measure of uncertainty that GR data exhibits in certain formations. Elemental steering increases the geological knowledge and confidence in correct geopositioning. Both lead to improved completion strategies and profitability.

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Who We Are at Diversified

Diversified continues to create and provide innovative services to drive capital efficiency across oilfields around the world.

At the peak of our activity between 2014 to 2016, we were running over 100 jobs, 7 of which in deepwater, and we have since begun an industry revolution with automation and robotics-driven sample catching technology.

In 1952,
Diversified Well Logging, LLC., began its operations in the Gulf of Mexico - offshore Louisiana - and expanded by moving into land-based operations as the unconventional boom began to take off.

Since its foundation Diversified has always been proud to be a part of the dynamic oil and gas industry, and has always strived to be a step ahead of the challenges and changes the industry has gone through. The drive for innovation and improved efficiency continues today.

DWL in 1952 collage

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