Equipment Sales

Mud Logging UnitGet a Quote

  • A variety of cabin types available ranging from lightweight 20' aluminium Heli-Lift units to 20, 24 & 27ft A0 fire rated units up to 27' A60 DNV 2.7.1 & 2.7.2
  • Offshore units. Custom made units are available on request.
  • High quality components and features built into standard designs. Manufactured at a variety of locations around the globe.
  • Robust, durable and spacious.
  • Combined "LWD/DD/SLS" units available.

TrueGas™️Get a Quote

Diversified introduces the most compact CVCT (Controlled Volume Controlled Temperature) gas extraction system in the industry.

The development of this easily portable, stable, fast, and reliable system now offers the best economic option for advanced gas analysis offshore—to rapidly heat and extract gases from cold mud—and onshore where temperatures and volume control is essential for accurate data measurement.

System Benefits:

  • Constant volume
  • Constant temperature
  • Dual colum chromatography
    • C₂ to C₈
    • Ethene and Propane
    • Toluene and Benzene
    • Methylcyclohexane
    • C₆, C₇, & C₈ Isomers

Origin™️ Mudlogging SuiteGet a Quote

The Origin Logging Suite from Diversified takes its drilling operation software platform to the next level. Designed as a universal system for global use, Origin uses integrated proprietary and best-in-class software packages for ease of operation within Diversified and between client and thirdparty companies. With its stable core programming Origin is free to expand as new applications become available.

Diversified RTC

  • Analog to Digital interface
  • Industrial Bus
  • WITS level 0
  • Mudloggers User Interface



  • WITS and WITSML on wellsite
  • Data Storage
  • WITSML offsite


Rig Site RTV

  • Rigsite data visualization
  • Wellsite alarms
  • READS from WITSML Store on site

Client RTV

  • Rigsite data visualization
  • Wellsite alarms
  • READS from WITSML Store on site



  • Customer deliverable creation
  • HML and Mug Logs
  • Daily and Final logs creation
  • Reads from WITSML store
  • Create Descriptions
  • Data Editing


Web Access

  • ANY WITSML provider
    • KOGT
    • PetroLink
    • ETC
    • Data Monitoring
  • 3rd party data retrieval via WITSML

SensorsGet a Quote

  • Sensors may be purchased separately or as a complete system.