Diversified Well Logging LLC., has been involved in the oil and gas industry since 1952.  We provide Mud Logging, Geosteering, and Geochemical services that are invaluable for successful drilling operations and wellbore placement. We energetically continue to focus our resources and attention on providing innovative technology and service solutions to the benefit of our many clients and partners.

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Automated Remote Mudlogger from DWL

The Automated Remote Mudlogger (ARM) from DWL is the oil and gas industry's only fully automatic cuttings collection device designed for the challenging rigsite environment.  The ARM is capable of collecting cuttings up to one sample per minute, which provides a major step-change in accurate surface formation evaluation.

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Explore the multiple benefits of Surface Measurement While Drilling.  The cost-effective service providing true value to the client.  Quantitative onsite XRF analysis along with high quality gas evaluation continues to bring gushing reports from clients who have seen their wells expertly steered through unexpected faults and back to target.

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Hybrid Mud Logging

Diversified successfully brings a new look to mud-logs with an innovative way of mud-logging.  Formation Evaluation has been brought back to the surface with quantitative elemental cuttings data and high quality formation gas data.  DWL delivers data that can be used - cost-effectively and in realtime.

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Mass Spectrometry

Diversified Well Logging offers Mass Spectrometry in its new approach to realtime mudlogging.  Using Mass Spectrometry with onsite XRF analysis, DWL provides the quantitative analysis of the formation which can be confidently used for the confident placement of every wellbore at a truly competitive cost.

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