Fluid & Gas Analysis

Gas Services

Not every client may need the same level of gas service. Diversified can help by assessing what service might be best for any given project. Our gas monitoring systems span the range from unmanned remote equipment to advanced Constant Volume Constant Temperature systems and mass spectrometry. Gas and fluid analysis allows our clients to build a picture of hydrocarbon fluid change within the well, on a pad, or across a field. Having reliable data builds confidence in correlation and identification of anomalies that could indicate faults, fractures, or lateral facies changes that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.  

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry allows clients a wider range of organic and inorganic gases that are not available with traditional gas services. It provides additional insights into fluid compartment continuity, porosity, and water saturation variability, and can identify issues such as fault-prone and H2S-prone production zones all of which will aid engineered completion programs through informed perf placement. This can result in considerable savings. In vertical wells or the vertical section of wells, clients will gain from very good fluid analysis that helps establish Gas/Oil/Water definition as well as assisting in establishing perf opportunities by improving electric log analysis as well as in directly reading the heavier, oilier hydrocarbon sections. 

Total Gas and Gas Chromatography

For the many client projects that only require a basic formation gas data set, Diversified offers hotwire and FID systems to measure Total Gas and C1 to C5 gas species. All data is delivered in daily reports, mud logs, and LAS files, with additional gas and fluid evaluation when requested. No matter what level of service is selected, our quality control process gives the assurance of consistent gas data every time. 

TrueGas™ Thermal Gas Extraction

This top-of-the-line gas extraction and measurement system was developed by Diversified to fulfill the most exacting client requirements. Our clients needed a system that provided the benefits of constant volume and constant temperature that was easily portable and small enough to fit in any location, on or offshore, unlike many competing systems. Speed of measurement was also a necessity. The TrueGas™️ system will deliver values in under three minutes – heating the mud to a consistent 194° F (90° C), extracting the gas, and measuring C1 to C8 plus Ethene, Propylene, Benzene, and Toluene in its dual column gas detector. TrueGas™️ is also the perfect client solution for gas-in, gas-out evaluation. 

Data Quality Process

Quality begins at the rig site with Diversified’s field personnel taking responsibility for verifying the operational status of the equipment, the validity of the gas data, and the quality of deliverables. Any equipment problems that cannot be resolved in the field will receive 24/7 attention of the regional service department. All data is reviewed by a data quality specialist for accuracy and as a matter of course, is analyzed and manipulated with normalization, gas ratio calculation, curve overlay and comparison, and cross-plotting to better visualize zones of possible interest and fluid changes throughout the wellbore.  

Advanced Fluid Analysis

For clients who wish for a deeper understanding of their petroleum systems, Diversified works with the T!Ps analytical team to expand the knowledge of formation fluid composition. 

With T!Ps workflows gas data can be used to aid in: 

  • Safe Drilling 
    • Understanding formation fluid densities to aid in mud weight selection 
    • With Gas-In and Gas-Out, determine recycled gas vs. new formation gas to avoid mistakes such as unnecessary weighting up and potential mud loss 
  • Hydrocarbon Systems Interaction 
    • Fluid composition (e.g., GOR) in all pay zones 
    • Proximity to pay (either in bypass or in water leg down dip of pay) 
    • Identification of Barriers and baffles 
    • Bit burn (e.g., false shows) 
    • Fluid variability in pay (help guide PVT and other geochemical sampling/analyses) 
    • Vertical connectivity 
    • PVT quality fluid data for all pay sands without wireline samples 

Remote Gas Monitoring

With cost-per-foot a concern and accurate data a must we offer remote gas monitoring with the Bloodhound® gas detection system.

The Bloodhound is based on patented next generation infrared sensors that are light years ahead of the older hotwire, FID or Pellister based gas sensors. No other mud logging gas detection system uses this technology that makes it possible to create a system without peer in sensitivity, precision chromatography, reliability, portability, ruggedness, accuracy, and ease of use.

View real-time logging data via the Internet anytime, anywhere. The Bloodhound connects via Ethernet, satellite or Cellular wireless for instant access world-wide to the Bloodhound System. The Bloodhound can also connect your computer to the Internet with the Integrated Wireless System.

Data is stored locally in the Bloodhound, at the server system, and in the connected computer. The Data is stored in an industry standard comma-delimited form for compatibility with Well Sight Systems, MainLog and all other mud logging software via LAS and XLS files.