Our Services


Diversified Well Logging LLC, offers mud logging solutions to fit every Operator's needs. Our services include levels of sophistication from fully manned deep-water cabins to traditional onshore mud logging options.  Whatever the level of service required, we always deliver expert formation evaluation with cuttings and gas analysis, and offer

  • Drilling Optimization
  • Real-Time Data Transmission 24/7
  • Pore Pressure Evaluation
  • Early Kick Detection
  • Enhanced systems for HTHP drilling
  • Advanced Gas Systems
  • Geochemical Analyses

DWL has 24/7 on-call support for our equipment.  We also boast a gas QA/QC process that is second to none in the industry, allowing us to recognize positive or negative trends to assure the most accurate data is delivered to clients.

Whether you have a 10-day job or 110-day job, Diversified provides the specialized solutions and attention you require.


Diversified Well Logging's Geosteering service line enables clients to always keep within their desired targets beneath the surface. DWL has created a geosteering process designed to help locate your targeted zone and drill the lateral in a manner that maximizes the successful completion of your well.  Through effective and proactive communications with Geological and Engineering departments DWL and operators work together to meet the geosteering goals.

Our geosteering service was established in 2010 at the request of Stone Energy to steer the Marcellus Shale.  Our first geosteering center in Pennsylvania was shortly followed by a second center in Midland, Texas.  Both centers are fully manned around the clock and provide real-time updates, customized reports, and extensive quality control.

From the beginning, our geosteerers have drawn from mudlogging data to better steer wells and now, using some of the best-in-class software, we integrate elemental, chemostratigraphic data along with gas data into our models for better hybrid steering solutions - Chemosteering.

To date, Diversified have successfully steered in excess of 1500 wells, and over 5 million feet.


Diversified Well Logging utilizes X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) as the analytical work-horse for its Surface Measurement While Drilling family of services.  In today's complex, cost-challenged business environment, DWL recognized the need to provide rapid quantitative elemental analysis of drilled cuttings for the important geological and geochemical insights derived from that data.

XRF is available at the rig site and in near-field laboratories. Operators will not need to wait months for analytical results; the data is processed and delivered in near-real-time.   The technology is successful in the most difficult of drilling situations; in high pressure/high temperature wells where downhole tool failure is common and expensive; in unconventional horizontal drilling where other methods are rarely used; in any situation where sparsity of other data becomes detrimental to geological understanding.


Operating in today's challenging geological environments requires more geological data. Gathering real rock data in a low cost environment is a challenge too.

Diversified Well Logging’s Hybrid Mud Logging delivers quantitative rock data in real-time at a competitive cost.

Combined with Mass Spectrometry gas data, Gamma Ray and XRF Geosteering - Chemosteering - and high resolution sampling with the Automated Remote Mud Logger, DWL’s Surface Measurement While Drilling Service is bridging the gap between seismic and downhole logs.


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