DWL Cutting Sample Technology

Digital Microscope Photography

This technology provides digital images of drill cuttings at 90-foot intervals (or at specified depths), or at any significant formation change, and/or zones of interest.


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The calimeter is an indicator of total calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the sample. This is helpful when working with complex carbonate sequences, where subjectivity can be an issue.

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DWL offers Iso-Jars for collecting drill cuttings. These jars have been tested extensively and are known for their ability to maintain compositional or isotopic data of gases contained within, as leakage is drastically reduced compared with other collection methods. 

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IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold

The IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold allows sampling to be done without interfering with the operation of other mud logging equipment. The simple “snap-in” and “flow-through” features of IsoTubes also allow mud gas logging samples to be taken directly from a flow stream. 

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