Gas and Cutting Sample Technology

Advanced Gas System

Diversified Well Logging’s Advanced Gas System includes:
  • Baseline 8800A Flame Ionization for Total Gas
  • Baseline 8900 Flame Ionization for Chromatography
  • QGM Gas Trap

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Standard Gas System

Diversified Well Logging’s Standard Gas System includes:
  • Hot Wire and TC Total Gas System
  • Hot Wire Automatic Chromatograph
  • Standard Gas Trap

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Mass Spectrometry Profiling – INFICON Prospector

This technology offers real time formation fluid analysis and evaluation. The prospector continuously analyzes gases extracted from drilling mud and correlates them with depth of well. It is a quadruple mass analyzer that detects C1-C10 hydrocarbons and distinguishes among paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics.

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Additional Gas Technology

  • H2S Gas Detection
  • CO2 Gas Detection
  • Gas Referencing (TM)

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Cutting Sample Technology

  • Calcimetry
  • Digital Microscope Photography
  • Drill Cutting Sampler
  • Iso-Jars
  • IsoTubes

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