Unconventional Challenges...

  • Variable ROP in the ‘same’ formation
  • Variable hole stability in the ‘same’ formation
  • Uncertainty of being in the correct target zone
  • Variable stimulation performance between wells
  • Variable production between wells
  • Well spacing and ‘Parent/Child’ well interference


Overcoming the Challenges

For all of these challenges there is one overriding solution; the acquisition of more geological data to better understand what is happening. Data for geologic and A.I. modelling, well correlation, trend observation, and well planning.

...and Current Industry Standards

  • Seismic – poor resolution for geosteering
  • MWD – limited geologic value through GR
  • LWD – expensive with risk of tool loss
  • Wireline – costly with limited use in horizontals
  • Coring – excellent data but costly and slow
  • Mud Logging – qualitative data only but economical


Must we accept the status quo?

The current solutions are either inadequate for in-depth, field-wide analysis or are far too expensive in today’s cost-challenged environment to be used extensively. But is accepting the status quo the only answer?

The Diversified Difference

Classic ML  

Fluid Analysis 


Geosteering / Geopositioning 



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