Mud Logging

Diversified Well Logging LLC., offers mud logging solutions that fit your company’s needs.  Whether offshore or onshore, DWL has the technology and expertise to deliver a perfect well.  We also boast an exceptional Gas Quality Process as standard for our clients.

Onshore Units

All units are climate controlled, wheel mounted and designed to accommodate all of the equipment necessary to successfully perform formation evaluation services.  Our units meet OSHA requirements and include emergency lighting to be used in case of power outage. Gaitronics or equivalent microphone/speaker voice systems with exterior hook-up for connection to the rig intercom system are standard. And all units are configured to interface with rig services and utilities prior to being deployed.

Onshore, unless specifically requested, DWL acquires it's drilling data from rig systems such as PASON.  Data is recorded or processed in the unit with either DWL's proprietary DAS system or via MainLog.  Formation logs are plotted using GeoDraft in our DAS units, or MainLog.  Both plotting packages are easily customizable with client preferences.

Offshore Units

Diversified Well Logging’s offshore units are climate controlled, skid mounted and designed to accommodate all equipment necessary to perform the required formation evaluation services. Units meet MMS requirements and zone classifications and are built to comply with DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting.

Offshore logging units are specifically designed to be able to accommodate LWD and MWD personnel and equipment where required.

All of Diversified's onshore and offshore logging units and related mud logging equipment are manufactured and assembled at our Reserve, Louisiana facility, and can be customized to meet additional customer-specific requirements.

Computer Systems 

DWL mud logging units consist of two to three rack mounted computer systems. These include: PC-1 data acquisition, PC-2 data storage and offline communications, and, where required, PC-3 chromatograph analysis. All PCs and critical equipment are powered by a UPS system for emergency power. All computers come with spare boards and power supplies for rig site hot swap. DWL offshore engineers are trained in trouble-shooting and repair. DWL provides technical support for crews 24 hours/day and 7 days/week.

Real-Time Data and Sophisticated Reporting

Diversified reports provide the real-time data you need. Reports include Show/Zone Interval, Drilling Data, Gas Percentages, Sample Fluorescence, Show Rating, Lithology and include contact information for your Logging Engineer.