About DWL

Founded in 1952 by the Klibert family, Diversified Well Logging began its operations offshore Louisiana and expanded by moving into land-based operations as the unconventional boom began. Since its foundation DWL has always been proud to be a part of the dynamic oil and gas industry, and has always strived to be a step ahead of the challenges and changes the industry has gone through.

As a company we have successfully mud-logged and geosteered through countless millions of conventional and unconventional formations in North America and overseas.  Our belief in the value of rocks and gas has led us to develop our Surface Measurement While Drilling (SMWD) services , designed specifically to allow us to remain one step ahead and provide quantitative data in a way that fits with todays cost-conscious business environment.


Our Core Values Define Us

As a company we apply our core values to all that we do:


We seek to exceed customer expectations by providing solutions that improve their drilling, completions, and production economics

We conduct our business with INTEGRITY:

We believe in doing the right thing and conducting our business with honor, transparency and professionalism

We are committed to REDUCING RISK:

The cornerstones of risk reduction are Safety, Quality and Learning: a safe workplace that is free from accidents, drugs, and alcohol; being process focused and executing right, the first time, every time; organizational learning by updating process and communicating incidents company wide

We are INNOVATIVE in design and service delivery:

We know that our industry is always changing, we embrace those changes and technologies even when they don’t come from within

We are a PROFITABLE organization:

We strive for profitability at every level, by project, by area, and for the company this produces financial rewards for our employees and shareholders. Profitability provides the freedom to innovate for the benefit of our customers

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