About DWL

Diversified Well Logging LLC was founded in 1952 by the Klibert family. DWL is a privately held business that specializes in mud logging and mud logging related services. Over the last 60 years, a lot has changed in the industry, and we have made it our goal to keep up with those changes. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic industry, and we never forget the most important aspect - formation evaluation.

Solid Experience and Technology

The backbone of our service rests firmly on our experienced field and support personnel. The average Diversified logger has more than ten years experience in the field. In addition, our support staff averages twelve plus years of experience. However, we do not rely on experience alone. We also provide our field personnel and clients with the latest technology in mud logging instrumentation, gas detection, chromatographic analysis and sensors. We combine these technologies with in-house software development to provide the client with reliable and timely data.

Specialized Areas of Expertise

Our specialized experience includes deep-water, deep-shelf, carbonates, resource plays, and Mobile Bay. The South of I-10 Louisiana Gulf Coast area is where DWL started, and it is where we continue to work many offshore, onshore and state water projects today. DWL has logged deep-water for Shell Ram Powell, Unocal Knotty Head (which set new records in 2007 including the deepest well drilled in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico at 34,189’MD), Chevron Big Foot (another 2007 depth record), Murphy Dalmatian and Murphy Dalmatian North, Marathon Droshky and Flying Dutchman, Mariner Geauxpher, and Llog Exploration recent Mississippi Canyon Lorris Bouzigard Drilling Program.

High Profile Projects

Our deep shelf experience includes Exxon Blackbeard / McMoRan Blackbeard (which was recognized for being the deepest shelf well in the Gulf of Mexico), and McMoRan Davy Jones, Blueberry Hill, Flatrock, Mound Point, and Hurricane. Additional deep shelf experience includes the Devon Big Bend and Shell Joseph. Other high-profile projects include resource plays in the Eagle Ford Shale, Haynesville Shale, Marcellus Shale, Fayetteville Shale, and Chattanooga Shale. Learn more about our resource play experience.

South Texas

Diversified's recent South Texas experience includes the Rio Grande Valley Vicksburg to Basal Wilcox (ConocoPhillips, Anadarko, Suemaur, Wagner and Sanchez), Coastal Bend Frio, Vicksburg, Yegua (Suemaur, EOG, Wagner and Sanchez), South Central Austin Chalk (ConocoPhillips), Eagle Ford Shale Resource Play (Pioneer), Edwards Reef Complex (Pioneer), and Cotton Valley Regional Lime Reef Complex.

Mississippi, Alabama and Florida

Diversified has mud logged wells in the Southeastern States of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Wells logged include all major producing trends, from the shallow Cenozoic Wilcox formation, to the deepest Mesozoic Smackover and Norphlet formations. An extensive number of wells have been logged in the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Cretaceous trends, including the Eutaw, Lower Tuscaloosa, Paluxy, Rodessa, Sligo and Hosston formations.

To learn more about Diversified's commitment to continued improvements in safety and service, visit our Operations page.